Nam Leuk Nature Adventure - 3 days

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Nam Leuk Nature Adventure is tour specially desinged for those who love the nature and want to explore the...

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This 3 day trek is designed for those who like to be immersed in nature, enjoy wildlife observation and look forward to camping in the forest and cooking the forest products. Traversing the Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area, the trail follows all the time the Nam Leuk River. The trek starts at the Tad Leuk Waterfall in the southeast of the National Park and ends at the southern tip of of the Ang Nam Leuk Reservoir.

Day 1: Vientiane > Tad Leuk > Camp Site 1

We will be transferred from Vientiane to the Tad Leuk waterfall in the Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area. On arrival, we visit the permanent exhibit at the Tad Leuk Visitors' Centre.

After lunch at Tad Leuk, 4 hours of easy trekking takes us to the first Camp Site, a sandstone beach on the edge of the dry riverbed. The trail offers plenty of opportunities for bird spotting, tracing monkeys and other animals.

Approximately: 3 hours transfer & 4 hours trekking

Day 2: Camp Site 1 > Camp Site 2

After breakfast, a 6 hours walk with a steep but short climb takes us to the top of a waterfall, a great viewpoint over the surrounding canopy. Amidst clear bamboo and liana forest, a very large Burma Mahogany tree makes a spectacular landmark.

A picnic lunch will be prepared on the river bank.

We arrive to the second Camp Site in the early afternoon. During twilight, birds, monkeys and squirrels can be heard in the 40m high pine trees around the camp site.

Approximately: 5 hours trekking.

Approximately: 3 hours transfer & 3 hours trekking.

Day 3: Camp Site 2 > Ban Hoay Leuk > Vientiane

On our last day of trek, the trail sneaks through a very rich section of the old forest, known as a habitat for tigers and elephants. Our guides will be able to show you the traces of elephants from the damaged trees and bushes or even their footprints.

Lastly, we arrive at Ang Nam Leuk Reservoir where this area is known to be inhabited by the Siamese Crocodile! Our vehicle awaits to transfer us to Ban Hoay Leuk for lunch at our local guide’s house.

We return to Vientiane in the late afternoon.

Approximately: 3.5 hours transfer & 1 hours trekking.

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