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Cruise Overview

Launched 2014
No of cabins: 2- 4
Grade Luxury .
Passenger: 4-8 max


Prince Junk Overview


The Prince Junks was designed after the traditional fishing boats of Halong Bay, only on a slightly smaller scale with either 2 or 4 cabins. In our fleet, we have four Prince Junks:

Prince I has 2 cabins, absolutely suitable for a family of parents and children travelling together, cheering happiness of family in Halong Bay
Prince II and III have similar design and service facilities to accommodate a group up to 8 persons, or couples sharing trips.
Prince IV with 3 cabins provides nice comfortable stay for charter group or family, couple sharing boat.
Like all of our boats, Prince Junks is designed with sophistication and a meticulous attention to detail for our guests’ enjoyment. Featuring 2 decks with dining area inside and outside, nice decorated cabins with sea view window, you will have nice time relaxing on boat to admire marvelous Bay in your eyes. Our crew with their warmest hospitality surely adds to your impression list.
From the time you step aboard, to the time you check-in to your cabin, to when you are relaxing on the sun desk, you are surrounded by teak and oak – all constructed by our skilled craftsman. This makes the Prince, together with our Prince Junks, the outstanding member of our Royal family.
The Prince Junks is the perfect choice for families, couples or small groups.
The Prince I
Length: 24.0 metres
Width: 6.2 metres
2 Deluxe Cabins (1 double, 1 triple)
2 Upper Luxury Dinning Areas: Inside and Outdoors
2 Spacious Sundecks and Relaxation Areas
2 Staff Sections
2 Kitchens
The Prince II & III
Length: 26.0 metres
Width: 6.2 metres
4 Deluxe Cabins
2 Lounge Decks for Dinning
1 Sundeck and Relaxation Area
1 Staff Section
1 Kitchen

Prince Junk Halong Bay | Prince Junk Tripadvisor Reviews

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Prince Junk Halong Bay | Prince Junk Tripadvisor Reviews