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Launched 2013
No of cabins: 22
Grade Deluxe .
Passenger: 42 max


Pelican Cruise

Pelican Cruise offers a 4-stars cruise experience Cruises in Halong Bay. Our 2 Cruises fleet will take you for an unforgettable discovery Halong Bay, offering the best program for visiting and enjoying the bay’s natural wonders. Pelican 1 will operate since early 2012, while Pelican 2 and 3 will be launched later in 2012 and 2013.With three similar boats providing 22 double cabins, ranging from 16m2 to wider suites, our fleet’s outstanding settings will be yours for the whole length of your stay on board, and our friendly and well trained crew will answer each of your requests to make your stay on board a warm experience. Our restaurant is opened to serve you from breakfast to lunch and dinner, in a mix of Western and Vietnamese fine cooking, while the wide upper sundeck allows you to contemplate sunset while sipping an aperitif. State-of-the art security conditions are our guaranty for an unforgettable journey.
Highest security standards will be provided through state-of-the-art equipments and a continuous coaching of the crew. The fleet’s vessels will operate the latest electronic devices to operate safe cruises in all sea and weather conditions: sonars and radars, engines’ control and fire detection will prevent any sort of possible damage on the boats. Cabins will all be equipped with alarm devices linked to a central monitoring system, smoke sensors and fire extinguishers, hydrants and hoses, life jackets and clear emergency instructions. Local and international crew will be trained to implement clear safety processes, while a speed boats’ fleet will be ready 24/24 to operate emergency rescue.
Enjoying such a Natural Wonder may be a purely relaxing and contemplative experience, but Pelican Luxury Cruises want to satisfy the expectations of its most active guests by providing them with exciting events and activities too. May you be into individual activities to satisfy your feeling for a pure and original freedom, or rather into group fun and entertainment or into intimate surprises tailored to families or couples: just enjoy our offerings!
Probably the best way to explore the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay Vietnam while emphasizing on one’s feeling of freedom amisdt a Natural Wonder. Thanks to the bay’s thousands of islands the conditions for sea kayaking are ideal – the water is calm, the current is fine and the wind is not too strong. Paddle through islets; visit hidden caves, lagoons, unspoiled beaches and floating fishing villages; and meet smiling local fishermen.
Pelican Luxury Cruises opens for you two different kinds of fishing experience. Either go fishing with local fishermen around their floating small villages, a unique opportunity for feeling and meeting the authentic local way of living; or stay on board the vessel and try your best to catch a fish while relaxing on the sun deck.

Pelican Cruise Halong Bay | Pelican Cruise Tripadvisor Reviews

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Pelican Cruise Halong Bay | Pelican Cruise Tripadvisor Reviews