Cai Be - Can Tho by Mekong Eyes Cruise - 2 days

. Saigon - Can Tho - Cai Be - Saigon / Or Saigon - Cai Be - Can Tho - Saigon

Caibe - Can Tho from Saigon by Mekong Eyes, Tripadvisor Reviews

Mekong Eyes is a small boat with only 14 cabins. This classic cruise is highly recommended with 195 Tripadvisor reviews.

Mekong Eyes Cruise Tripadvisor Reviews

Mekong Eyes Destination: Mekong Vietnam and Cambodia; Mekong Eyes Departure: on fixed date; Mekong Eyes Cruise Duration: from 2 to 4 days for Vietnam Mekong

Mekong Eyes Cruise is one of the best way to explore the Mekong River Vietnam. Mekong Eyes Cruise is highly recommended by Tripadvisor.

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Saigon - Can Tho - Cai Be - Saigon / Saigon - Cai Be - Can Tho - Saigon

Note*: the Mekong Eyes Classic Cruise does the Can Tho to Cai Be itinerary on odd date (1,3,5...) and Cai Be to Can Tho on even date (2,4,6...)

Day 1: Saigon - Can Tho/or Saigon – Cai Be

Pickup at the hotel in Saigon to Can Tho or Cai Be. You board your comfortable wooden Mekong Eyes cruise vessel around noon. After a refreshing welcome drink we show you our on-board facilities and your cosy cabin. As lunch is served, the Mekong Eyes Cruise starts cruising. Sit back and watch the fantastic scenery and the daily life of the Mekong people.
In the afternoon you can disembark for a guided leisurely stroll through a village and the surrounding fruit orchards or rice fields. Meet the friendly locals and taste the local produce and fruits.
Get back on board and enjoy a drink at the bar or relax on deck as the sun sets over the magnificent water landscape of the Mekong river. The Mekong Eyes Cruise will anchor for the night. The day ends with a delicious on-board dinner. You stay overnight on board your floating hotel in the Mekong Delta.

Day 2: Cai Rang/ Or Cai Be floating market

Wake up well rested to the sound of the river and get ready for another exciting day of sightseeing in the Mekong Delta. At 6.30h the cruise vessel sets off for a sunrise cruise. Watch the locals go about their daily work drying exotic fruits and building ships on the wooden yards while enjoying an early breakfast.

After breakfast, we will board a sampan boat to Cai Rang floating market, the region’s busiest and most lively market. Marvel at the sheer abundance of exotic fruits and vegetables. We will pull up to the boats for talking and bargaining with the merchants. We will also visit some of the local candy and cake making factories or boat through the green water landscape to see local houses, verdant orchards and ship-building yards.

Later in the morning your can boat through the green water landscape on a little rowing sampan to see local houses, verdant orchards and ship-building yards. Alternatively you can discover the nearby town by foot or explore the small side canals of the Mekong river on a bicycle.

Disembark at the jetty at 11:00. Trip ends.

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